Are You Struggling With Mouth Or Tooth Pain?

Oral pain can greatly affect your quality of life. A severe toothache can even cause chronic pain that interrupts your sleep and daily activities. Gum pain or sensitivity can make eating unpleasant and, if left untreated, it can have serious consequence for your long-term dental health. Dr. Russ Jensen, DMD, offers a full spectrum of dental procedures to eliminate oral pain and prevent permanent dental damage. At Maple Grove Dentistry, we offer gentle, personalized services, and we will always recommend the most conservative treatment possible. You do not have to suffer from mouth or tooth pain.

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Root Canals: A Common Option For Toothaches

Dental infection is one of the most common reasons that you may suffer from a toothache. Discomfort can take many forms. It may be constant and throbbing, or you may notice it more when you are chewing. In some cases, dental infection can also cause gum abscesses, bad breath, and internal discoloration.

Root canal therapy is typically the only way to save an infected tooth. Although many patients believe that this procedure will be highly unpleasant, Dr. Jensen uses very gentle techniques and effective local anesthesia. Most people feel little more than a slight pressure during treatment. Nevertheless, if you are still nervous, we can provide oral sedation, upon request.

During your treatment, Dr. Jensen will clean out your tooth, removing bacteria and infected tissue. He will also clean and reshape your root canals. Then he will fill your tooth with a soft rubber compound called gutta percha. The material will strengthen and seal your tooth to prevent recurring infection. Dr. Jensen will also take impressions, so our partner lab can create a lifelike dental crown. You will typically return to our office in several weeks so Dr. Jensen can attach your crown. In the meantime, we can supply a temporary restoration. Your first appointment will significantly reduce the pain of your toothache, and you will enjoy near-complete dental function after your second appointment.

Other Treatments For Tooth Pain

Though root canals are a common option for toothaches, they are not the only solution. In some cases, discomfort may arise because of a smaller cavity, which Dr. Jensen can treat with a simple filling. Other times, a cracked tooth can cause pain, and a crown may be the most appropriate treatment.

Dr. Jensen always tries to save damaged teeth whenever possible. However, in some cases, extraction may be the only viable option. If you require tooth removal, Dr. Jensen will use very gentle techniques, and he will recommend an appropriate dental restoration. We offer a variety of restorative options, including state-of-the-art dental implants.

Periodontal Disease: The Main Cause Of Gum Pain

Although oral pain often arises because of damaged teeth, gum disease can also cause significant discomfort. Periodontitis is a common condition, caused by a buildup of oral bacteria. As microbes accumulate on your teeth, they will eventually spread to your gums, forming pockets in the tissues. As a result, you will experience inflammation, redness, and mild bleeding. Without treatment, the bacterial pockets will grow larger, and discomfort will worsen. Your soft tissues may eventually pull away from your dental roots, resulting in tooth loss.

Gum Disease Treatment Options

There are several ways to treat gum disease, and the right treatment for you will largely depend on the severity of your condition. Early-stage gum disease is known as gingivitis. At this point, bacterial pockets have not formed, and discomfort is minimal. In this phase, Dr. Jensen or your hygienist can perform a routine cleaning to eliminate bacteria. Regular dental visits and thorough oral hygiene at home can prevent a return of gingivitis.

If your condition has already progressed to the more advanced stages of periodontitis, you may require a deep cleaning. This treatment is also known as scaling and root planning. Dr. Jensen will remove the pockets of bacteria. He will also smooth your tooth roots to eliminate any rough spots that could provide a haven for microbes. Antibiotics can also help in the treatment of gum disease. Periodontitis is chronic, so it is vital that you maintain your regular oral hygiene and dental visits.

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