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In-Office Dental Membership Plan

In-Office Membership Plan $395/Year

Two of my favorite shopping experiences involve Costco and Amazon. What separates these retailers from others are their membership perks. Being a Costco member allows you to get discounts on all types of food and household items. Amazon Prime members enjoy 2-day shipping and a variety of other digital media programs. Memberships for these retailers provide certain benefits that would otherwise cost extra or not be available.

When I opened my dental practice I wanted to bring this membership concept to dentistry. At the end of 2014, it was reported that 205 million or 64 percent of the US population has dental insurance. This means that there are still 115 million people without dental insurance! This is a staggering number and I do not want the lack of dental insurance to keep people from receiving dental care.

It is not uncommon for patients who are new to our office, that has taken a break from the dentist for a while, to say the lack of dental insurance was the reason behind their hiatus. Looking for a solution to this problem Maple Grove Dentistry developed our own In-Office Membership plan.

Dental Membership Plan For Our Boise Dentist Office

Our In-Office dental membership plan has an annual fee of $395 for the first household member and $345 for each additional family member. Kids under 12 are $305. This provides 2 hygiene or cleaning visits each year during which patients will also receive a Doctor’s exam, X-rays as needed, an oral cancer screening, fluoride, 3d x-ray and cosmetic consultation (if desired).

In addition to routine care, should our members need any dental work the membership plan provides discounts on dental services that allow you to save money. If you end up with a toothache in between your scheduled hygiene visits you can schedule an exam at no additional cost.

The plan is not dental insurance and in many ways, it’s better! There are no waiting periods, no yearly maximum benefits, no deductibles and no co-pays. Our patients who have become members love the program and we know you will too. Give us a call at 208-853-2221 for more information.

Exclusions And Limitations:

The In-Office Membership Plan is a savings plan, not a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used in the following situations.

  • In combination with another dental plan
  • For services to treat injuries that are covered under workman’s compensation or an automobile accident
  • For hospitalization or hospital charges
  • In combination with any other offer or special discounts.

The plan is currently only accepted at Maple Grove Dentistry and cannot be used at another dental office. Additionally, this plan cannot be transferred to another person.

No refunds or premiums will be issued at any time if participants fail to use all of the plan benefits.