Seek Out A Dental Professional For The Best Oral Health

By observing proper hygiene strategies, you will receive the double benefits of fewer dental issues and an improved sense of self-esteem and confidence. There are many studies that have been done that say that someone with a bright healthy smile is generally thought to be happier than someone who doesn’t have one. Regular dental checkups are most vital because of their ability to detect dental issues early on before their escalation and transformation into a bigger problem that can become expensive and intricate. With this short article, we aim to supply you with various benefits of going to see a dentist.

Your daily dental care routine relies on the correct advice. Children who are growing and even adults need the advice of how important our oral health is. It is vital to know the proper way to brush and floss one’s teeth. For long standing proper dental care, a good dentist will offer you instructions on how to effectively prevent tooth decay.

The kind of bristles you use for tooth-brushing is highly important. Consider using soft bristles—most recommended by dentists—because hard bristles may damage your gums. You should also consider using the toothpaste recommended by your dentist, as he can determine which toothpaste is best for your family based on its ingredients. Following these techniques will take you far in maintaining good oral care.

A dentist who is high quality won’t just diagnose and treat dental issues but may also provide advice to their patients at no additional cost. They’ll provide you advice on how to maintain a healthy smile as well as avoid dental issues. Most individuals think that consulting with a dentist isn’t something you should spend money on, but this is not a truthful statement. You’ll get value for your hard-earned money because of the quality services that the dentist will provide.

If you are in search of a cosmetic dentist for extra teeth and smile correction, make sure that you’ve done enough research. Make sure to first find out whether or not the cosmetic dentist is accredited- then, discuss procedures such as veneers, bleaching, or implants. Several dentists that practice general dentistry can offer cosmetic dentistry. However, if your dentist can’t provide cosmetic related services, ask if they can give a referral to someone they would recommend.

Be sure to regularly visit your dentist, so that you can prevent all sorts of dental issues from arising. Any apparent dental issues can result in the development of overall health ailments. Consulting with your dentist medical professional on a schedule is wise since it allows problems to be detected early on; this may help to treat the ailment in a swift manner. Experienced dentists have a lot of advice that they can offer on the very best techniques to maintain the health of your teeth.

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Reasons Why You Should See A Dentist

By keeping good oral hygiene, you will free yourself from dental-related issues, but also build up your self-esteem. There are many varied studies that have concluded that those with healthy smiles seem to be happier than those without them. Regular dental checkups are critical because it might help to detect dental issues before they become a significant problem that is much more complicated- and more expensive- to treat. In this educational article, we will state the reasons why you should pay a visit to an experienced dentist.

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Keeping in mind the end goal to counteract rotting of the teeth, infections of the gum, and dental amendment, it is basic that you visit your dental specialist much of the time. Issues in dental well-being can lead to issues in general health. It is best whenever a dental issue is detected early on; that is why you should conduct regular dental check-ups. With a particular end goal to keep up your teeth, acquire essential data from qualified dental specialists.

Your gums, teeth, and tissues will be examined during routine dental examinations. Indications of decaying teeth, loose teeth, and diseases of the gum will be looked for. He will also look for any broken teeth, and check the condition of your tongue. Finally, your dentist will check out any fillings, or dental prosthetic, like bridges and partial plates, to ensure they’re in good shape.

Dental hygiene starts from brushing your teeth, so be certain to pick the best bristles for your needs. Soft bristles, most advised by dentists, are gentle, while hard bristles can cause harm to your gums. You should also decide on a toothpaste for your family according to your dentist’s recommendation, according to the ingredients found in the toothpaste. If you need a strong, healthy smile, then see to it you observe these suggestions.

Dentists must have the correct dental equipment for them to give quality services to their patients. Ensuring that they have purchased the necessary tools is an investment that most dentists have put a lot into because they understand how important providing their patients quality service is. In order to give their patients nothing but the best, they always set out to furnish their office with up-to-date medical equipment. You could be sure that by seeing a creditable dentist, you’re receiving quality dental care using excellent equipment.

Nearly all of the dental operations that are done are along the lines of some type of implant. An implant is a procedure that is done for those patients who’ve lost one or multiple teeth due to an accident or something else. This method might allow for an implant to replace the broken or missing tooth and afterwards a crown will probably be added as well. Most people can’t let you know have an implant from appearance alone, but you may find that it feels a little different than the original tooth when you’re chewing.

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Reasons Why You Should See A Dentist

Maintaining a good dental hygiene routine will prevent you from suffering with various dental problems, and it may even increase your self-esteem and confidence. Research has shown that people with attractive smiles have better self esteem and are happier than people who are embarrassed about smiling in public. Make sure to conduct regular dental check-ups; it’s always smarter to detect an issue early on and save a lot of time and money. This article will provide you several reasons for seeing an experienced dental-care professional.

If a buildup of tartar and plaque is in your mouth, dentists can remove it. Then, they may polish your teeth to really ensure that plaque will not accumulate. An analysis of how you should brush and floss is presented to make sure that your strategies are sufficient. Timely cleanings and exams will go far in protecting your gums and teeth from serious problems.

Your first step to finding additional correction to your teeth and smile is to do some research and find a cosmetic dentist. Make sure you handle an accredited cosmetic dentist, and ask any questions you might have about bleaching, implants, or veneers. Cosmetic dentistry services are frequently provided by general dentists, so you may need to begin your search with your normal dentist. In any case, if your dental practitioner just isn’t a restorative dental specialist, approach him for a referral to a corrective dental practitioner that he would prescribe.

A not too bad dental specialist has made a stunning notoriety with their customers when they have given quality dental administrations. In reality, going to the site of a respectable dental practitioner and perusing what past patients have said in regards to the administrations ought to give you a thought of how cheerful the patients are with the nature of administration given. Credible dentists stand committed to making sure they provide only quality services to their clients. By going to see a dentist, you can be certain that the care that you receive will probably be better than you expect it to be.

A dentist who is high-quality won’t just diagnose and treat dental problems but may also, at no additional cost, supply their patients with important advice. The advice that they give to you can help you keep a healthy smile and avoid dental issues in the future. Some might think that visiting a dentist is a waste of time, but many would disagree. Since the dentist will offer you quality services, you will surely get value for your dollar.

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Are You Struggling With Mouth Or Tooth Pain?

Oral pain can greatly affect your quality of life. A severe toothache can even cause chronic pain that interrupts your sleep and daily activities. Gum pain or sensitivity can make eating unpleasant and, if left untreated, it can have serious consequence for your long-term dental health. Dr. Russ Jensen, DMD, offers a full spectrum of dental procedures to eliminate oral pain and prevent permanent dental damage. At Maple Grove Dentistry, we offer gentle, personalized services, and we will always recommend the most conservative treatment possible. You do not have to suffer from mouth or tooth pain.

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Root Canals: A Common Option For Toothaches

Dental infection is one of the most common reasons that you may suffer from a toothache. Discomfort can take many forms. It may be constant and throbbing, or you may notice it more when you are chewing. In some cases, dental infection can also cause gum abscesses, bad breath, and internal discoloration.

Root canal therapy is typically the only way to save an infected tooth. Although many patients believe that this procedure will be highly unpleasant, Dr. Jensen uses very gentle techniques and effective local anesthesia. Most people feel little more than a slight pressure during treatment. Nevertheless, if you are still nervous, we can provide oral sedation, upon request.

During your treatment, Dr. Jensen will clean out your tooth, removing bacteria and infected tissue. He will also clean and reshape your root canals. Then he will fill your tooth with a soft rubber compound called gutta percha. The material will strengthen and seal your tooth to prevent recurring infection. Dr. Jensen will also take impressions, so our partner lab can create a lifelike dental crown. You will typically return to our office in several weeks so Dr. Jensen can attach your crown. In the meantime, we can supply a temporary restoration. Your first appointment will significantly reduce the pain of your toothache, and you will enjoy near-complete dental function after your second appointment.

Other Treatments For Tooth Pain

Though root canals are a common option for toothaches, they are not the only solution. In some cases, discomfort may arise because of a smaller cavity, which Dr. Jensen can treat with a simple filling. Other times, a cracked tooth can cause pain, and a crown may be the most appropriate treatment.

Dr. Jensen always tries to save damaged teeth whenever possible. However, in some cases, extraction may be the only viable option. If you require tooth removal, Dr. Jensen will use very gentle techniques, and he will recommend an appropriate dental restoration. We offer a variety of restorative options, including state-of-the-art dental implants.

Periodontal Disease: The Main Cause Of Gum Pain

Although oral pain often arises because of damaged teeth, gum disease can also cause significant discomfort. Periodontitis is a common condition, caused by a buildup of oral bacteria. As microbes accumulate on your teeth, they will eventually spread to your gums, forming pockets in the tissues. As a result, you will experience inflammation, redness, and mild bleeding. Without treatment, the bacterial pockets will grow larger, and discomfort will worsen. Your soft tissues may eventually pull away from your dental roots, resulting in tooth loss.

Gum Disease Treatment Options

There are several ways to treat gum disease, and the right treatment for you will largely depend on the severity of your condition. Early-stage gum disease is known as gingivitis. At this point, bacterial pockets have not formed, and discomfort is minimal. In this phase, Dr. Jensen or your hygienist can perform a routine cleaning to eliminate bacteria. Regular dental visits and thorough oral hygiene at home can prevent a return of gingivitis.

If your condition has already progressed to the more advanced stages of periodontitis, you may require a deep cleaning. This treatment is also known as scaling and root planning. Dr. Jensen will remove the pockets of bacteria. He will also smooth your tooth roots to eliminate any rough spots that could provide a haven for microbes. Antibiotics can also help in the treatment of gum disease. Periodontitis is chronic, so it is vital that you maintain your regular oral hygiene and dental visits.

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Your Emergency Dentist In Boise

Some days come with unexpected struggles. You’re just living your life happy as a clam, then boom – you bite down on a seed and chip a tooth. Or little Freddie is guarding the soccer goal like a champ, then bam – he takes a kick to the mouth and a tooth flies out. Emergencies happen, and Dr. Jensen is here to help you in your time of stress and need.

Patients can reach Dr. Jensen after hours with a dental emergency by calling or texting his cell at +1-801-592-5695.

When To Call An Emergency Dentist

People have different pain levels, different responses to blood, and different ideas of what constitutes an emergency. The most common situations in which you should call the dentist for a same-day appointment are as follows:

  • Knocked out tooth
  • Intense oral pain in a tooth, the gums, jaw, or jaw joints
  • damaged crown or filling that leaves you unable to eat
  • A chip or crack that’s causing pain to the point that you cannot sleep
  • A crown or a veneer has come off in the front (yes, front teeth cosmetics are treated as an emergency in our dental office)

When to Go to the Emergency Room  

If your mouth, head, face, or jaw is bleeding significantly and cannot be controlled you should go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care.  Once the bleeding has been controlled and you have been evaluated for significant injuries, you can call our office for an emergency dental visit to address any tooth related concerns.

You should also go to the emergency room if you think you may have broken your jaw and are in severe need of immediate assistance.  If you are in stable condition but think your jaw is broken call our office and we may work with an oral surgeon to help you receive treatment.

When to Schedule a Convenient Appointment

If you are experiencing a toothache that does not keep you up at night, and taking over the counter pain medication helps you function during the day, you should schedule a dental visit for a convenient time. Waiting will only create the potential for a future dental emergency.

If your crown or filling becomes dislodged, but you can fit it back in place, put a dab of toothpaste on the underside of the restoration and replace it on the affected tooth. Then, call us to schedule a convenient appointment for us to recement or replace the restoration.

Right now, before you forget, log +1-208-853-2221 into your smart phone under “Emergency Dentist.” We’ll be literally a phone call away, the next time you have a dental emergency.

First Response For Dental Emergencies

Whether you need to see the dentist immediately or can wait and schedule a visit later in the week, you need to learn first aid response for urgent dental trauma. These tips are a good start.

Tooth Falls Out

When a permanent (adult) tooth is dislodged, find the tooth if possible. Hold it by the hard crown/tooth portion, not the root. If the tooth is very dirty, you may gently run it under a trickle of water to clean it, but DO NOT SCRUB THE ROOT. If you are able to, place the tooth back where it goes and call our Boise office ASAP.  If you are not comfortable doing this then place the tooth in a small container of either the patient’s saliva or regular milk, and bring the tooth to our office.  Timing is critical as the odds of success in saving the tooth go down significantly after the tooth has been out of the mouth for more than an hour.

Restoration or Temporary Falls Out

A crown, inlay, onlay, or filling may come out of place when you least expect. If possible, find the restoration. If it is in one piece, place a dab of toothpaste on the inside and put it back into place. If the restoration is in pieces, bring them to our office as it may help us to match the color of its replacement. If you cannot find it, don’t panic.

Call +1-208-853-2221, and we’ll determine on the call whether you need to come in immediately or make an appointment for a more convenient time.

Severe Toothache

Sometimes, people experience the quick onset of a significant toothache when a piece of food is lodged between teeth. Before calling the dentist or panicking, or even taking medication, try to floss around your hurting tooth. Once the rogue piece of food is dislodged, your comfort will be restored. Dr. Jensen has found popcorn kernals, toothbrush bristles and even a crab shell lodged beneath the gums so if this is the source of pain cleaning it out will bring relief and help you avoid a dental appointment.  If flossing does not help, call us at 208-853-2221 to schedule a limited exam.

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Right now, before you forget, log +1-208-853-2221 into your smart phone under “Emergency Dentist.” We’ll be literally a phone call away, the next time you have a dental emergency.
Patients can reach Dr. Jensen after hours with a dental emergency by calling his cell at +1-801-592-5695.