Are Damaged Or Missing Teeth Affecting Your Diet?

If you have suffered tooth loss, or if you have severely damaged teeth, it can make eating very difficult. In some cases, entire food groups, such as raw fruits and vegetables, maybe off-limits. Fortunately, at Maple Grove Dentistry, we offer a variety of dental restorations. Our various options can improve your oral function and enable you to eat a wide range of foods. Dr. Russ Jensen, DMD, can even replace your existing dentures with an implant-supported restoration for greater stability and durability. He will also determine the fundamental reasons for your missing teeth to prevent further damage in the future.

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Crowns And Bridges Can Restore Dental Function

Even one or two damaged teeth can affect your ability to bite and chew. Our crowns and bridges can restore dental function, and, thanks to advanced materials, they will blend harmoniously with your smile. A crown will fully cover a cracked or weakened tooth, improving both function and appearance. To place the restoration, Dr. Jensen will trim off damaged tissue and reshape your tooth. Using carefully made impressions, our partner lab will create a custom-crown. We typically recommend tooth-colored porcelain or a similar material for optimal esthetics. When the crown is finished, Dr. Jensen will attach it with composite resin.

Several crowns attached together will form a dental bridge. This restoration can fill in gaps in your smile, replacing one or more missing teeth. Like our crowns, our bridges are custom-crafted from advanced materials. To place a bridge, Dr. Jensen will reshape the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. Then these teeth will support your entire bridge.

Dental Implants Offer Optimal Stability And Longevity

Although crowns and bridges can both be great options, dental implants offer additional strength and durability that no other type of restoration can provide. Implants will replace your tooth roots. During a precise surgery, Dr. Jensen will place these small metal posts inside your jawbone, and the surrounding tissues will heal around them. Thanks to this process, called osseointegration, the implants will become a permanent part of your mouth. Then Dr. Jensen can attach a crown, bridge, or denture. Even full dentures will never slip out of place. Typically, you will not have any dietary restrictions with these fixed restorations.

Implants offer another important advantage: they are the only restoration that can prevent jawbone recession. Bone degeneration is a common consequence of tooth loss, and the process begins almost immediately after your tooth comes out. As bone volume diminishes, the tissues will pull away from your dental roots, and you could experience further tooth loss. Thus, implants can replace missing teeth and prevent future gaps in your grin.

Addressing The Underlying Causes Of Tooth Loss

At Maple Grove Dentistry, we work hard to provide lasting solutions and to protect your long-term oral health. Therefore, Dr. Jensen will not only replace your missing teeth; he will also work to prevent future damage. In some cases, tooth loss occurs because of decay, which results in extraction. However, gum disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss. Also known as periodontitis, this condition occurs because of a buildup of oral bacteria. The microbes will create pockets in your gums, causing the soft tissues to pull away from your dental roots. As the tissues recede, your teeth will loosen or come out completely.

Through a deep cleaning, Dr. Jensen can eliminate oral bacteria and prevent further tooth loss. He will clean out the bacterial pockets and smooth your dental roots to keep microbes from gathering on the rough patches. He may also provide topical antibiotics to eradicate bacteria fully. In severe cases, Dr. Jensen may refer you to a specialist for gum surgery. Once your periodontitis is under control, he will provide the most appropriate restorations so you can enjoy full dental function once again.

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